Whether you are an experienced Mortgage Pro or have no experience at all-- working with America West Home Loans provides an unequaled opportunity in the financial industry.

With us, if you desire, you can work from home, in your spare time, we train you and provide you leads-- Real Warm Leads!  As many as you can call.  Our many real estate sites bring us hundreds of people a day wanting to talk to us about getting a home loan...

The biggest problem we have is finding motivated people to call them!

Even More-- once you are familiar with our system, we will put you in a position of management from which you can start building your own teams of loan officers that you can oversee and earn overrides on their production!


Whether you are currently in the real estate business, loan business, or just looking for a new career with new opportunities, an affiliation with NoMoneyDownRealEstate.com/America West Homes, offers the type of opportunity that most people can only dream of. 


Full or Part Time-- And Licensing is not required.  (Since, we operate in conjunction with a federally chartered bank, (mortgage banking) rather than a simple Real Estate license, you can work without licensing issues-- similar to your local bank that does a real estate loan but the person handling the paperwork is not a licensed agent but rather an employee.)


The Biggest problem that we have is finding committed people to service the, literally, hundreds of leads that we receive EVERY week! 

We GIVE these leads to you.  As many as you can work.  All we ask is that you actually service the customers we give you.


    In today's market with historically low interest rates combined with financial grants and down payment assistance programs unlike any that have previously existed-- opportunities in the residential loan field are incredible.  Anyone over 18 is a potential client.  Think about it.



If they don't own a home-- Now's the time to buy.  Everyone knows, you buy low and sell high.  We are now at a valley and markets are poised for a rebound.  The rates have dramatically dropped lower and many lender restrictions are easing so that it is again reasonably easy to get into a home.


And for those that simply can not qualify?  We provide an array of creative financing methods that will allow them to buy, with no down, no credit, even bad credit and regardless of their employment situation.


No matter the situation, we have a way to help them buy.  Even with Bad Credit Issues, late payments?  OK! Collections? OK! Judgements? OK! We can get you No or Low Down financing even with a recent Bankruptcy


If they do own a home-- they may need a refinance to lower their payment and take advantage of the newest government backed fixed rate loans.


OR, they need to refinance out of an upcoming payment adjustment.


   The money that a committed loan officer can earn is more than the average person ever dreams of.  Many loan officers earn over $50,000 per month!  Most experienced loan officers earn over $10,000 per month

Why can our loan officers earn so much?

  1. As a lender, not just a loan broker, our cost of funds is lower, and this lower cost is factored into higher commissions for our officers.  Our officers earn anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 or more per loan.  It's easy to see that it doesn't take many loans to create a substantial income.

  2. Because you are affiliated with a Nationwide Lender-- if you are in Florida, you can still do a loan in CA.  Our officers are not limited geographically.  In today's age of the internet-- most people have contacts, friends, and family all over the country.  They can now, also be your clients.

  3. We Provide Leads! Our websites and huge exposure from our affiliate programs provide a constant stream of people asking for our lending services.  These borrowers are randomly distributed to our loan officers, thus guaranteeing you a constant flow of business.

  4. We can help you create constant targeted marketing in your area, thus ensuring a stream of local business from which you can create a referral base.

  5. We provide a huge array of loan products and programs that make it possible for you to get someone into a home, with nothing down, almost regardless of their credit history. 

  6. We provide the constant written and phone support that you need in order to recognize what is-- and is not a loan.  And if there is a problem-- we have experienced professionals available to help you solve it.  We are committed to making certain that your efforts result in income.

  7. In Short-- we provide everything that anyone would need to be successful.  Because, after all, the more successful you are, the more successful we are.


Unfortunately, there are a few things that success requires that no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot provide.

  1. Drive

  2. Persistence

  3. Commitment

  4. Ambition

  5. Work Ethic-- Contrary to popular belief, even the loan business requires effort.  I've seen many people who seem to think that when you get into the world of finance, money automatically falls out of the sky.  It doesn't.  Don't get me wrong.  The rewards are unequaled.  But it still requires the willingness to learn and the willingness to actually work.

Only you know if you truly have these qualities, so only you know if this is for you.

If you are lacking them, or if you do not know with absolute certainty this is what you want to do, do yourself a favor and don't apply with us.   If you don't have these necessary traits for success,  don't apply, instead, join our affiliate program.  It's important to understand that this is the easiest job in the world if you work it hard-- but the hardest in the world if you try to work it easy. 

We've hired people in the past who didn't have the commitment to read and learn the materials that we provided or to even ask the required questions for the situation.  As a result, every transaction in which they were involved, brought us and them more frustration than income.   Without the commitment to become a professional (this means studying our materials and not being afraid to ask your prospect the necessary questions), you will be wasting your time and ours.  Again, if you don't KNOW this is what you want to do, don't apply.

If, on the other hand, you know you have the qualities that are necessary to make it in this profession, if you understand that success always requires consistent, intelligent effort; then by all means, join us.  Give us your ambition, drive, commitment and persistence and we promise and commit to providing the rest.  In addition to all that we've noted above we give you...

  1. Professional Loan Training Manual.-- teaches, loan programs, guidelines, marketing strategies and scripts, a detailed road map of what you need to do to get a fast start towards making big money fast.

  2. Automated Loan origination software.  Makes the application process simple.  Automated loan apps, verifications of deposit, rent, disclosures, etc...

  3. Audio Training CD-- Allows you to study all aspects of the loan business from scripts, to specific loan programs, while engaged in other activities. 

  4. Online Advertising that allow you to personally advertise for loans easily and FOR FREE all over the country.

  5. After basic training, the ability to run your own credit checks.

  6. All loan processing is provided "in house", this means we do it.  We provide professional loan processing and support so that you can concentrate on producing new loans and making more money.


Also, we provide a vast array of additional financial, credit, and debt elimination services that, much of our clientele needs.

By doing nothing other, than informing the client-- the client that you are already calling, that these needed services are available to them, you will earn an additional $1,500 to $3,000 per month.  We do the work... we provide the client a much needed service, and provide you ... another source of income.




We have no sign up or application fees.  However, there is a $175 deposit required for setup, Loan Software,  and proprietary training materials. Realize, we don't want your money-- we want your commitment.  We've found that if a person can't commit $175 for a new career, they won't commit the time and study required to become proficient in this business.  If you are not committed, please, do not send the deposit.  We don't want you to waste your time and quite frankly, we can't afford to have anyone waste ours.  Remember, this is only a deposit.  We don't want your money-- we want your commitment.   Your deposit is returned to you only upon the closing of your very first loan.



NEW! As noted above, we can only afford to work with serious, committed individuals and our refundable deposit policy has served well to accomplish that end.  We have also realized with today's tumultuous economy, for some, the deposit is prohibitive and it's non payment is not so much an indication of lack of commitment but rather a function of the existence of dire financial circumstances.   We can't afford to waste our time, but we also are dedicated to providing opportunity to those who truly desire it.  With that in mind we are creating a new association level.  Instead of the material's deposit, you may get started immediately with a one time set up fee of $50. You have every profit, the same training materials. If you choose to purchase these CD's later you may do so for $140 plus $10 shipping.

If you are serious about changing your life, improving your economic situation, becoming a professional in the financial field then call the Director of Interstate Loan Officers, Robert at (877) 604 6636 ext 4.  or Email to Support@allsolutionsnetwork.org

Or to get started right away, simply complete the form below, and then send your  deposit (which we refund when you close your first loan) your full name and shipping address.



First Name   Last Name       Hm #    Wk #

Street            City   State             Zip  

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We will immediately upon receipt of your email and deposit that is refundable upon the closing of your first loan, we will send your PDF files consisting of Training Manuals, Scripts, Prequalification worksheets, Marketing materials so you can get started right away, and additionally, have your 3 CD Real Estate Loan career package and Loan Origination software shipped to you via Fed Express so that you can get started right away.


$175 Deposit


LO Software

Audio Training

Marketing CD

Emailed LO Manual in pdf format.




$50 Deposit


Emailed LO Manual in pdf format.

It provides all instructions, scripts and training.



Note: Receipt will show as coming from Promotional Solutions